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We are now closed to new business as the time for retirement has arrived.


At Comma Computers the aim is to provide, for Small Businesses, the IT resource that their size normally makes impossible.

With experience in Banking, Insurance, Publishing and Retail, Comma Computers aims to provide each business with the solutions appropriate to them.


We have been working with Microsoft Operating Systems and applications since before Windows!

A strategic approach to Server and Application installation and upgrades ensures that the best balance of cost versus features is available to the business. After all, why upgrade if you don’t need to? Alternatively, what is the most cost-effective route to get what is required from your software?




At Comma Computers we also have experience working with Apple hardware and software.

Getting the best out of your Mac, and sourcing the right software for your needs, are important in making your work more seamless.

We have built Apple Servers for clients as well as supporting their Mac hardware; from G5 to Macbook Air we can help to keep you running and effective.



Making the most of your network is not just making sure your workstations connect to your server and the Internet

There are many more ways in which your network can be put to work, in the Office and at Home

    • Resource sharing
    • Media sharing
    • VoIP


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